Research on Visualization

Visualization in Ancient, Traditional and Contemporary Practice

For thousands of years, ancient and traditional medicines around the world have utilized imagery and visualization as powerful tools in the healing of illness, extension of life, and revitalization of the human body.  Meditative practices, including those utilized in Buddhism and Daoism, have emphasized visualization as a key component to the awakening of reality. These same tools have also been effective in aiding pregnant women and other pregnant people as they approach the births of their children.

Primary Purpose of This Website
The primary point of this website is to provide people with actual images, videos and stories that they can use as practical tools to help them in envisioning the birth of their own children. Birth art, images and stories are available on youtube and elsewhere across the web. However, some of these materials are not always beneficial to those who are pregnant. Just as one image of birth might prove helpful to people who are pregnant, another one might detract from the birth experience or provoke fear in them. Women and others seeking to avoid fear during birth should avoid these sorts of images, as well as any stories of birth that might prove jarring. The images found on this website have been carefully selected to help women and others approach the births of their babies with calmness and confidence.

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  1. Virginia Maksymowicz
    Virginia Maksymowicz · February 14, 2014 at 08:55:53 ·

    I’m sitting in the audience at your WCA/CAA presentation. I have an image for you from the Lateran Palace in Rome. However, I cannot find a contact email for you on this site or on the Cal State site.

  2. Michael Jon
    Michael Jon · June 10, 2014 at 07:14:18 ·

    Hi Anna,

    This is Michael from Castro Valley Starbucks visiting your site. You have wonderful pictures. Also I reviewed your resources on Sports Injuries, healing and visualization . Nice to see Kabat- Zinn resource as I have been researching this myself. Good Job.


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