Visualizing Birth through the Bumi Sehat Foundation’s Relief Sculpture and Logo

Relief Sculpture, Bumi Sehat Foundation International
Philippines location

The Bumi Sehat Foundation is an an international nonprofit organization devoted to village midwifery traditions and originally founded as a small clinic in 1995 in Nyuh Kuning, Bali. Over the years, Bumi Sehat opened other clinics in Aceh, Papua, and the Philippines. I came across the organization’s logo (below), which represents the same birthing mother image as the relief sculpture above, a representation located at Bumi Sehat’s clinic in the Philippines.

The image is very helpful in the visualization of birth. A mother figure squats unassisted to birth her baby, holding the newborn’s body as the birthing process takes place. Her face is serene as she gives birth, and the child also appears calm while entering the world.

I do not know who the artist of this beautiful work is but will post it should I find the information. To read about Bumi Sehat, check out the organization’s website.


Bumi Sehat Logo