Visualizing pregnancy and the womb in the photography of Hillary Disantos

Pregnant in Pink, photograph
Copyright 2022, Hillary Disantos, All Rights reserved

Artist Hillary Disantos, a Kenyan photographer, devotes much of his work to creating gorgeous photographs of pregnant women, most of whom are Kenyan. In this vibrant photograph, Pregnant in Pink, Disantos captures a radiant woman who cradles her pregnant belly while looking peacefully off to her side. Disantos emphasizes the warm colors of the womb through his choice of rich pinks and reds in the background, as well as in the color of the cloth adorning the woman’s body. 

In our correspondences, Disantos describes the beauty of being told that he would be a father, and speaks of his reverence for mothers and all that they do. His photographs are powerful representations of pregnancy and mothering, celebrating the nurturing, beauty, and strength of the pregnant body.

Many more maternity photos are available through Disantos’ Pexels website, and he may also be contacted through his Facebook and Twitter pages.