(Video) Beautiful and Elated Mother Meets Her Baby


In this short but very wonderful video, an ecstatic mother births her baby into water, held from behind by her loving partner.  The elated happiness that courses through the woman’s body is visible and even felt by the viewer, who watches as she lifts her baby to her chest and looks in ecstatic disbelief at her child for the very first time.  

The woman’s birthing of this baby is energetic and yet done with ease.  She is beautiful, strong and vibrant during the birth process, as well as radiant and fresh afterwards, focusing on the life that has just emerged from her body.  

This video is very helpful in the visualization of birth, aiding other pregnant women as they try to envision how their babies might arrive.  It reminds them first of all of the positive and exciting moment that birth is.  Often, focusing on the beautiful end result of birth can ease the pregnant woman’s thoughts about labor and the birth process itself.  This helpful tip of envisioning the child already born is discussed in a previous post.  Secondly, the woman of this waterbirth video is also not a large woman by any means, and yet she births her baby without issue.  Sometimes, women fear that they are too small or slim for a baby to pass through them without issue.  Yet the female body, be it big or small, is fit to birth even a large baby.  Ina May discusses this at length in her Guide to Childbirth.  

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