(Video) An Unassisted Waterbirth

In this home video, a woman births a beautiful baby girl into water, accompanied only by her husband. At five hours, the pushing phase of the woman’s labor was long, but as is clear from the footage, her baby ultimately emerges into the world quickly, with energy and vitality. The woman is strong and elated after the birth experience, holding her baby to her chest and sharing these earliest moments of the child’s life with her husband.  With calmness and happiness, the couple welcomes the newborn into the world.

This video is empowering for other pregnant women to see.  The recording represents the woman’s first time giving birth!  She did it on her own, at home with her husband and baby, letting mother nature take its course.  In the final moments of her labor, the woman closes her eyes, relaxes her jaw and opens her mouth.  The loosening of facial muscles is helpful in opening up a woman’s birth path during the birthing process, and knowledge of this can aid other women as they approach and prepare for labor.

It is a joy for the viewer to watch baby, mother and father as they bond directly and intimately following their birth experience.