(Video) Waterbirth: A Calm Entry into This World

In this short video of waterbirth, a very serene and pregnant woman rests in a large tub of water. This is her first time giving birth. Peaceful music and candles add warmth and comfort to the woman’s birthing room. The woman’s midwife does not intervene but instead photographs the birth as it unfolds. Sensing that she is crowning, the woman slowly moves back in the tub, propping herself up against a wall for support as she prepares for her baby’s arrival. With both strength and quietness, the woman births the baby, elated to catch the emerging child in her arms.  She smiles and places the baby on her chest, resting in the water as she bonds with her newborn baby.  The woman’s beautiful birth appears painless and effortless, and she is elated as she holds her child.

This video is extremely powerful for other pregnant women to watch. In using this video for visualization purposes, others should watch it over and over again. The calming and loving image of the birthing woman will penetrate the mental perceptions others have of birth, strongly impressing upon them how natural and simple birth can be.

This woman appears to have used the fantastic visualization techniques of HypnoBirthing in her labor. According to the video’s original poster, the woman used the Mongan Method, which can be learned through one book accompanied by a CD, easily purchased online.  HypnoBirthing is a powerful technique that pregnant women can learn about and study for in preparation for a calm birth.