Tessa Venuti Sanderson’s Golden thread breath and Blooming Rose Visualization for Dilation

Blooming Rose Visualization, video still
Copyright 2014, Tessa Venuti Sanderson. All Rights Reserved.

In this beautiful and helpful video (below), Tessa Venuti Sanderson, a UK based yoga instructor who has worked extensively on prenatal yoga techniques, provides pregnant women with guided visualization of the Golden Thread Breath and Blooming Rose that they can use in preparation for birth and during labor itself. 

The images that Venuti Sanderson uses are very helpful as physical representations of the mental visualizations she describes. She first creates a rhythm of breath for her listeners, providing imagery of dandelion seeds floating away as they imagine a golden thread extending out in front of them during exhalation. Visualization during inhalation focuses on nurturing mother and baby with oxygen during contractions.

Venuti Sanderson then describes the opening of a blooming rose, showing an image of a pink rose that slowly opens, petals unfolding, which the listeners can imagine as similar to dilation of the cervix. The process of the rose’s opening is calming to watch for the viewer.

Visualizing Birth has previously provided posts, including videos, highlighting the benefits of blooming rose and flower visualizations in preparation for labor and birth. See: Blooming Rose, Blooming Flower Visualizations, and Crowning Rose.

Tessa Venuti Sanderson, who herself had both home and hospital births, has an extensive background in prenatal yoga and yoga for women. Her thoughts have been featured in several publications and she provides numerous classes and workshops, as well as training sessions. She may be reached through her website