(Video) Blooming Rose

As I’ve discussed previously in my post on flower visualizations, and as I recently experienced during Montserrat’s birth, visualizing the opening flower as it blooms can greatly help the birthing mother during labor.  In my case, during contractions I envisioned my cervix to be like a rose, and I really believe that this helped me to dilate quickly thereby avoiding a long labor.  There’s a home up the block from where I live that always has the most beautiful roses out front.  In particular, there is a bush of lavender roses, the flowers of which are especially fragrant.  During my last week of pregnancy, there was one rose that I looked at every day.  By the day of my labor, the rose’s petals had all opened up in full bloom.  I returned to the image of that rose during labor, envisioning my cervix to be like the fully blossomed flower.

In this short video of a rose opening up in time-lapse, the bud of the rose slowly and gently bloom.  The petals softly grow and spread, widening to reveal a beautiful red rose.