Visualizing the cervix dilating during labor

Visualization of cervix at 10cm
Jenny (artist, nurse and founder of “The Lumpy Mug”)

Video Here: Cervix opening

It was a delight to come across the above video created by Jenny, an artist and founder of “The Lumpy Mug” website, who is also a labor and delivery nurse. Originally posted on her TikTok and Instagram pages, Jenny allows her viewers to visualize how a cervix dilates to 10 centimeters during labor in preparation for birth. 

When we think of birth, we often imagine baby exiting headfirst through the vulva, which enlarges during the birth process. We do not have access to images of the cervix dilating, however, thus making visualization of its dilation process harder to evoke. The cervix, which rests as the lower portion of the uterus, dilates to 10cm, at which point baby enters the birth canal and prepares for its final emergence from the womb.

Jenny, who used clay on the wheel to depict the opening of the cervix from 0cm to 10cm, creates a perfect visualization of the dilation process for pregnant women as they prepare for birth. Additionally, the smoothness of the clay helps the viewer imagine the facility in which the cervix dilates.

Through her website, visitors may purchase a cervical dilation poster, which shows the cervix at different stages or dilation. 

For more information about Jenny and her work, including images and purchase options on a wide variety of birth-art-related mugs, see Jenny’s website.