(Video) Beluga Whale Births Her Calf

 Beluga whale births her calf at the Vancouver Aquarium

For thousands of years, ancient and traditional medicines around the world have utilized imagery and visualization as powerful tools in the healing of illness, extending of life, and revitalization of the human body.  These same tools have also been effective in the aiding and empowerment of pregnant women as they approach the births of their children.

 While over the course of her pregnancy a woman is often excited to watch her belly grow, feelings of bewilderment commonly accompany this excitement as she wonders how her labor will unfold.  It is likely that she also experiences worry or fear as she tries to imagine how her baby will emerge from her body on the day of his or her birth.  Imagery and visualization are greatly effective not only in reducing these worries or fears, but in transforming them such that the woman is capable of shifting her perception of the pain that she will feel during her labor.  Ultimately, imagery and visualization can help a woman to envision the natural process of her baby’s birth in a more relaxed manner.  In turn, she is able to relax her body during the birth itself.

The primary point of this website is to provide women with actual images, videos and stories that they can use as practical tools to help them in envisioning the birth of their own children.  Birth art, images and stories are available on youtube and elsewhere across the web.  Unfortunately, some of these materials are not always beneficial to the pregnant woman.  Just as one image of birth might prove a source of relaxation and empowerment to the pregnant woman, another one might detract from the birth experience or attempt to provoke fear in her.  The images found on this website have been carefully selected as tools to help in calming women as they approach the birth of their babies.