Vibrant image of birth in San Francisco’s Mission District

Five Sacred Colors of Corn, Inspired by Huichol Indian Yarn Paintings
Copyright 1991, Susan Cervantes and Mia Gonzales, All Rights reserved
Copyright 2021, Precita Eyes Muralists, All Rights reserved
Photo by Antoni Batchelli, Copyright 2022, All Rights reserved

Balmy Alley, a small alley in San Francisco’s Mission District located between 24th Street and 25th Street near to Garfield Square is host to a number of large vibrant murals. One of these is this gorgeous mural depicting childbirth. The viewer sees a happy baby emerging from a mother. She appears to squat or float in the sea, fish swimming peacefully beneath her. An attendant kneels close to the mother and catches her baby. The mother also appears to have a smile on her face.

The entire depiction on the mural, from its calming blue color, rippling water, smiling baby and floating mother, bring joy to the onlooker and may help those who are pregnant to visualize birth as a celebration as they approach their own moment of labor.

I had heard about this alley and found some images of the murals online, though could not find any clear pictures of this birth scene. My husband Toni and I went for a walk and found it one day last month.