(Video) Spanish Advertisement Shows Clips from a Homebirth

Birth is not a crisis, but the images that we see on TV and in the movies often present it as such.  It is therefore happily surprising to find this Spanish advertisement from the mattress company, Flex, which presents birth in a real and refreshing way.
Showing a few clips from an actual homebirth, the video represents the calmness, naturalness and tranquility of birth.  Accompanied by her husband, midwife and small son, a woman peacefully welcomes her newborn into the world.  While it is rare to see such images of natural birth make it to the public eye, it is encouraging to know that they exist and will continue to be made.
A short video such as this can assist other pregnant women as they approach the birth of their own children, showing the actual moment at which the baby emerges from her mother’s body and enters the world.  Baby, mother and those surrounding them are relaxed at the moment of birth, and the actual first contact between mother and baby after the birth is also recorded.  The video is a reminder of the simplicity and beauty of birth.

Advertisement for Flex Mattress