New MoCP Exhibit – Home Truths: Photography and Motherhood

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Untitled (Lake) (Copyright 2011, Fred Hüning. All Rights Reserved)

Earlier this month, Columbia College Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography opened its new exhibit, Home Truths: Photography and Motherhoodwhich runs from April 18th to July 13th.  The exhibit explores various issues related to motherhood, and its organization represents one of several exciting new developments in the area of motherhood studies, some such as this of which are devoted to an examination of the intersection between art and motherhood.  I was delighted to hear from Kristin Taylor, Manager of Collections, who informed me both of the exhibit and of some other images that she has found related to birth (I hope to write on these in a future post).  MoCP’s exhibit includes the artwork of nine artists: Janine Antoni, Elina Brotherus, Elinor Carucci, Ana Casas Broda, Ann Fessler, Tierney Gearon, Fred Hüning, Katie Murray, and Hanna Putz.