Making Birth Art at Home

Birth Art during Pregnancy, crayon on paper
Copyright 2010, Erin, All Rights reserved.

Making one’s own birth art is a powerful way to go about visualizing baby’s arrival into the world.  Recently, my husband and I made a body cast of my pregnant belly.  The experience helped us to focus together on our growing baby, thinking about his or her arrival.  I will post an image of the cast here once I have taken one.  A young mother named Erin used crayon to create the image above.  I believe that it provides an excellent example of somebody’s personal body art.  On her blog, she also writes about the image she has created, expressing her visualization in words.

I am laboring in water, supported by my husband.  I am warm colors because my body is using and producing strong energy while my husband is in cool colors to keep things calm.  There is a tree budding around us because we feel connected to nature, but it also represents our growing family tree.  The heart represents our son, Gabriel. The abstract sphere emerging into the tree trunk is our daughter.  Around my crayon sketch I have written some phrases that speak to me about birth.

Erin’s drawing and writing make physical some of the mental imagery she has surrounding her baby’s birth. Personal birth art comes in all shapes and forms, and can be shared or kept private. The most important aspect of the art is the way that the mother’s creative process connects her to the arrival of her baby.