Commercial Birth Art – Sculptures

Birthing Goddess Sculpture

It is encouraging to find more and more birth art appearing within the sphere of commercial art.  These fairly inexpensive birth objects are sold by commercial artists and are quickly becoming available to more people through internet shopping sites.  One of the most popular of these images is that of the Birthing Goddess Sculpture, shown above.  The small sculpture (about 1″ tall) is made from clay and represents the wholeness of the birthing mother’s body, which has just released its newborn baby into the world.  The small figure at the center of the circular sculpture represents the newborn and is removable from the sculpture.  

Often given as gifts to new mothers, midwives and doulas, this object can also be used for the mother’s own visualization purposes preceding the birth of her child.  The face of the birthing goddess is full of calm energy as she births her child from the large open chamber at her center.  The round body of the goddess also appears like a powerful wave, capable of pushing the tiny newborn towards its open surroundings.  This small object offers the birthing woman access to an image that is both calming and encouraging as she opens up to release her own child into the world.  In light of its size and portability, the clay sculpture can be used on site during birth.  Women can also set the object near to their bed or within their bathroom, so as to meditate on it in the days preceding the birth.

Like the Birthing Goddess Sculpture, the small commercial sculptures below also are also representative of the bonding that takes place between parent and child.  The rounded clay brings about the effect of a wholeness to the parent-child body.  The Father Spirit Clay sculpture is unique in that it offers fathers an image devoted to their own process of bonding.  Like mothers, fathers can use skin to skin contact with their babies so as to effectively bond with their children, especially in the early moments of their babies’ lives.  These sculptures are objects that represent the physical closeness integral to the bonding experiences that take place between parents and their children early on.  

Mother’s Milk Clay Sculpture

Father Spirit Clay Sculpture

Mother Goddess Clay Sculpture