Timna Valley’s Ancient Rock Carving of Woman Giving Birth

Timna Valley's Ancient Rock Carving of Woman Giving Birth

Located in southern Israel, the Timna Valley exists today as one of Israel’s richest archaelogical sites.  Originally part of an Egyptian trade route that dates to the 13th century BCE, the valley was mined both by the Egyptians and the Midianites, primarily for its rich supply of copper.  In addition to temple and shrine artifacts, as well as tools and other remnants from its mining history, ancient rock carvings also mark the site.  One such carving is that of a woman giving birth, found along the wall of a valley canyon.

The carving, which dates back thousands of years, reminds pregnant women today that they are connected to a lineage of women who have birthed before them, spanning across the history of humankind.  Envisioning all of the women who have birthed over such a vast span of time calms and empowers the pregnant woman, helping her to relax as she approaches the birth of her own child.